in the studio yesterday …


blackout for women !

BLACKOUT FOR WOMEN Today, urging female LinkedIn users to turn their profile photos black to help highlight violence against women and girls and girl babies. I am outraged at what’s happening in India to little girls and women. I am outraged by the deafening silence of political leaders. Let us as women stand up in solidarity and say NO! This is a small gesture, but if a small group of us committed women stand together on this issue, we *can* change our world; make it safer for all who are *human*

conceptual art or what …

“yes to an extent my work is conceptual because the concept takes precedence over techniques or materials but i am acutely aware of the aesthetic elements of my work and it’s not as if the idea and it’s translation, no matter what medium i choose, are ever allowed by me to end up as a perfunctory affair…”

saba hasan, notes on conceptual art, new delhi, 2018

charcoal drawings,2017