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saba hasan photography


saba hasan reads her poems

this video comprises 3 of my voice installations, the first of which was on the ramparts of the Hohenburg Castle in Salzburg then later at Columbia University, New York and among the audience at a Bob Dylan concert in Brooklyn.

” My poems are in a homeless language, a paradox of connections between places that I have lived in Russia, India, America, Switzerland, France and a mystifying preoccupation with songs, I have heard being called ghazals. From Tagore as much as from Pushkin, Ghalib or Lorca, I have learnt to speak in a voice invoking many myths.”

saba hasan

conceptual art or what …

“yes to an extent my work is conceptual because the concept takes precedence over techniques or materials but i am acutely aware of the aesthetic elements of my work and it’s not as if the idea and it’s translation, no matter what medium i choose, are ever allowed by me to end up as a perfunctory affair…”

saba hasan, notes on conceptual art, new delhi, 2018

charcoal drawings,2017


saba hasan : undeciphered fates

an artists monograph published on my book works essay by rahul bhattacharya

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