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twilight on the lake

screening of my short film twilight on the lake at Artists Unite and Global Standout for Peace, March 3, 11 to 6 pm,15 August Park, Red Fort…eternal love and thanks to dear zehra khala for adding her voice to mine … #artistsunite #sabahasanart #peace #notohate #dua #azadi #love #kashmir #mothers #life #haqeeqat #womenartists #water


persistence of memory

images from video saba hasan reads her poems, 2014 and mixed media work, memory1, 2018

” the Urdu text in my paintings is from letters my mother wrote to me so at one level its an artistic delving into personal history; Urdu is also a signifier of a loved culture under attack, a feeling I reinforce by burning my material or the script. Some passages are from feminist writings in Urdu literature, questioning patriarchy in south asian societies and demanding a reformulation. My poems are in a homeless language, a paradox of connections between places that I have lived in Russia, India, America, Switzerland, France and a mystifying preoccupation with songs, I have heard being called ghazals. From Tagore as much as from Pushkin, Ghalib or Lorca,

I have learnt to speak in a voice invoking many myths.”

Persistence of Memory” curated by Katharina Kakar, 18 December – 18 January, 2018
The Project Cafe, Amalia Villa No. 198, Mazal Waddo, Assagao, Goa 403507 phone 0832 226 8577