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saba hasan : undeciphered fates

an artists monograph published on my book works essay by rahul bhattacharya

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saba hasan: undeciphered fates

Saba Hasan’s first voice work was installed in a heritage castle in Salzburg 2010 with her poem “journey of a broken song” on racial profiling, rivers and power relations. Since then she has taken her voice to a protest against Gaza attacks in Columbia University 2012, recordings of Deer Park, Lisbon and Surat 2014, the Gandhi – King Plaza, IIC with her installation “rehearsal for a poem” and as part of John Adams sound walk at the new Met Brauer, New York 2016. Saba’s latest poem/voice work is also the title of our ongoing show of her book works, voice n video ” Undeciphered Fates ” inaugurated recently by writer Githa Hariharan.

Soundwalk 09, the Metropolitan New York

i made a recording of street sounds from Madison to Fifth along 82 nd as i walked in New York on 4 june, 2015 and contributed it for the Soundwalk 09 by John Adams. Friends in New York, it starts playing today at the Met, plz attend the opening event at 7 30 pm, John has converted the garbage truck whirring into music.

photo credit Aparna Puri 2015