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conceptual art or what …

“yes to an extent my work is conceptual because the concept takes precedence over techniques or materials but i am acutely aware of the aesthetic elements of my work and it’s not as if the idea and it’s translation, no matter what medium i choose, are ever allowed by me to end up as a perfunctory affair…”

saba hasan, notes on conceptual art, new delhi, 2018

charcoal drawings,2017


saba hasan, capturing the heartbeat of the universe, by geeti sen




my photograph “waterline 8”

am so happy that this photograph and some more will be used by the UN on social

media to focus attention on water related issues around the world !!! water for me

has been an inspiration not only because it sustains life but is just so beautiful and

completely unstoppable in its flow. it’s the one truth there is. 

photo copyright Saba hasan