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analogue shots from 15 years ago !



my laptop is full of images and video footage of the Dal lake, of old houses, downtown mosques, sun temples in Parihaspur and Martand, the Lidder river in Pahalgam protected by snow peaks, night sky, rain …but the trusty apple has gone into a coma with no chance of revival. maybe one day I will retrieve those fingerprints of my experiences in Kashmir until then I wonder how I will complete my proposal for the biennale as I look at these iPhone shots 

photo copyright Saba Hasan 2016 

my photograph “waterline 8”

am so happy that this photograph and some more will be used by the UN on social

media to focus attention on water related issues around the world !!! water for me

has been an inspiration not only because it sustains life but is just so beautiful and

completely unstoppable in its flow. it’s the one truth there is. 

photo copyright Saba hasan 

Soundwalk 09, the Metropolitan New York

i made a recording of street sounds from Madison to Fifth along 82 nd as i walked in New York on 4 june, 2015 and contributed it for the Soundwalk 09 by John Adams. Friends in New York, it starts playing today at the Met, plz attend the opening event at 7 30 pm, John has converted the garbage truck whirring into music.

photo credit Aparna Puri 2015