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Saba Hasan is a New Delhi-based artist with a body of work comprising paintings, book sculptures, photographs, videos and sound, presented since 1996. Saba has been awarded international fellowships from Syracuse University, New York, the French Cultural Ministry, Paris, the George Keyt Art Foundation, Colombo 2002, the Oscar Kokoschka Academy in Austria, 2010 and the Raza National Award for painting in 2005.   In Salzburg, 2010 Saba wrote a voice work, “Journey of a Broken Song”, which was installed first at the Hohenberg Castle for the International Art Festival. It is written in the cryptic tradition of the Ghazal and takes a look at racial profiling, state oppression, love and mystical journeys. She was nominated for the Celeste Contemporary Art Prize 2014 for her video, La Verite/Haqeeqat/the Truth Project, which was screened in Milan and Delhi. Her voice works have been screened as a performance video called Saba Reads Her Poems at the recently held Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2015. She is currently working on videos and sound based works around her interests in the landscapes of the mind, political conflict and philosophical systems for the future of societies with her approach always bordering on the minimalistic and primordially beautiful.



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